Vampire Academy A Graphic Novel

Vampire Academy A Graphic Novel

Based on The #1 International Bestselling series by Richelle Mead. Adapted by Leigh Dragoon. Illustrated by Emma Vieceli.  The Book of Blood and Shadow. Razorbill 2011. ISBN 1595144293

Reader’s Annotation: Lissa, a Moroi (vampire) princess and Rose, a dhampir (half human/half Moroi) are best friends and Rose just happens to also be Lissa’s personal body-guard. Can she protect Lissa from the evil Strigoi who want to destroy Lissa?

Plot Summary: Based off of Mead’s bestselling vampire series this graphic novels follows Lissa and Rose’s return to St. Vladimir’s Academy after being on the run for two years.  Most do not know that in addition to the traditional Moroi abilities Lissa also has the ability to heal others and this makes her a valuable asset to many including those her want her for their own purposes.  Can Rose keep Lissa safe when she is facing her own struggles being back at the academy?

Critical Evaluation

The graphic novel version of Vampire Academy was well done.  Each of the characters personalities were well portrayed and the story line followed the original very nicely.  Considering the length of the original book and the length of the graphic novel Dragoon did a great job pulling out the relevant scenes and adding the detail needed to help carry the reader through the story with little confusion.  The only part of the story line that I felt suffered were the romantic interests as it was harder to see how the relationships were growing.  Readers who have not read the original book will still enjoy this adaptation and be eager to read the sequel.

About the author

Richelle Mead is the author of urban fantasy books for both adults and young adults.  Her young adult series, Vampire Academy, is a New York Times bestseller and has been translated into 30 languages.  She has also begun a spin off series called Bloodlines that follows some of the Vampire Academy crew out on their own adventures.

Mead keeps busy with her multitude of series, her baby and a busy touring schedule.  She is also quote active in various social media outlets.  If you follow her blog or follow her on Twitter you will hear many amusing anecdotes about her neighbors who she believes are ex-KGB spies.



Curriculum Ties


Book talking idea

The relationship between the Moroi and dhampirs. Is it fair? Are there any real life similarities?

Reading level

Grades 9 and up.

Challenge Issues

The story is about vampires and does feature some of the characters having sex.  I would point out that the story is geared towards older teens and nothing graphic is shown other than the hint of a naked bosom.

Why did I include this book?

The Vampire Academy series is one of my favorites and judging by its sales and the audience Mead draws on her tours it’s apparent she is popular with teens as well.  I was curious to find out how well the graphic novel stuck to the original story and if it could be carried out in this format.  Graphic novels based off of regular books seems to be quite popular.


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