Eragon (movie)


Directed by: Stefen Fangmeier
Release: 2006
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Rating: PG

Plot Summary: This movie is based off of the book by Christopher Paolini. A former dragonrider, Galbatorix, betrayed his fellow riders in order to become king of Alagaesia.  When Eragon stumbles across a dragon egg that Princess Arya sent away to keep it from King Galbatorix the egg hatches and the dragon tells Eragon that he is her rider.  Eragon finds out that their is a prophecy that he will be the one to free the people from Galbatorix’s tyranny.  But can Eragon defeat Galbatorix?

Critical Evaluation

The premise of this movie appeal’s to the teenage audience that enjoys a good fantasy story.  Eragon is a simple farm boy who turns out to have this epic prophecy based on himself and sets off on a grand adventure for vengeance and to prove himself.  Many teens may have this secret part of themselves that long to do something more adventurous and to be a hero.

Unfortunately the execution suffered and I personally did not care for the movie and after reading some of the comments on the Rotten Tomatoes review site I was not alone.  In my opinion Eragon came across as petulant child who refuses to listen to the advice of others even when it makes sense.  Some may attribute this to his being just 17 years old but I think that is doing an injustice to teens and I think most teens would not have blatantly ignored sound advice just because they felt like it.

Some of the storyline suffered as well from having too much cut from the book in order to fit it into 104 minutes. The connection between Arya and Eragon comes out of the blue and Eragon’s ability to use magic as well as he did seemed unbelievable.



Curriculum Ties


Challenge Issues


Why did I include this movie?

I know the book series was a very popular one with teens and I did read the first book in the series.  I was curious to see how well the movie adaptation was done.


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