Girl’s Life Magazine

Girl's Life Magazine

Girl’s Life ISSN: 1078-3326, Published by Monarch Avalon Inc.

Summary: Girl’s Life is an American teen magazine focusing on information and advice on topics teenage girls face such as peer pressure, self-esteem issues and more.  The contents are considered safe for younger girls in the tween age group as well as the slightly older teens.

Critical Evaulation

For those tween age girls who are just beginning to get interested in the topics about boys, makeup, clothing and more this is the perfect magazine for them.  It covers a wide range of informational articles and spot lights on issues such as relationship advice, dealing with friends growing apart or disagreements, fashion and health issues.  It contains fun quizzes like Are You a Serial BFF? and What’s Your Flirt style that will engage the reader and make it a magazine they want to share and gossip about with friends.  It also contains a nice portion of content focusing on answering questions teens send in regarding insecurities or seeking information about topics they may be too embarrassed to ask their parents or other adult authorities in their life.

It’s refreshing to see many of the girls in the photos resemble your typical teenage girl rather than fashion models.

Challenge Issues


Why did I include this magazine?

When I searched for the top teen magazines this one made most of the lists.  Upon further research I found that it also won several Parent’s Choice Gold Awards and is the official magazine of choice for the Girl Scouts of the USA.


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