Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City for PC. Warner Bros. Interactive. 2011. Rated: T

Summary and Evaluation

In this game North Gotham is sealed-off as a prison for the city’s worst criminals. Batman is back as the caped crusader protecting the innocence against the villains preying upon the citizens of Gotham.  In this game Batman must enter North Gotham and is forced into helping the dying Joker find a cure for him.

The game is full of action and adventure as the player has to battle classic enemies like the Penguin and Mr. Freeze.  Like in the comics you are armed with a wealth of gadgets such as batarangs.

This game is rated T for teens as there is violence as expected from this type of games but if placing this on a library computer it should be limited to computers designed for teens and not younger children.

Why I included this game

Batman is a classic comic book character who has also been popular in video games.  The latest movie has also recently opened in theaters which could increase interest among teens in this game.

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