Who They Are…

EBSCOhost is a service that provides access to online databases to schools, public libraries and other institutions to use for research purposes.  According to the EBSCO web site they have more than 375 full-text and secondary research databases and over 300,000 ebooks and audiobooks available.

What they offer…

They offer a number of packages for different institutions.  The public library resources appear geared towards teenagers and older with topics such as American Government, American History, Religion, World History and more.

The eBook selection can vary depending on what packages a library chooses.  They have General Reference Packages, Children and Young Adult collections, Popular Genre audiobooks and audiobooks for children and young adults.

How to access it…

EBSCOhost is a pay for service and can be access through your public library or school library.  The list of available resources will vary depending on the packages the library ordered.


I have used EBSCOhost often during research projects and have accessed it through both the San Jose State University Library and the Alameda County Library websites.  The public library search interface is geared more towards the general public and opens in the basic search interface though if you switch to the Advanced search it matches the search interface of the SJSU library.  While some cosmetic aspects can be modified for the most part the interface is the same across institutions which makes it easier for patrons to use the service.


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