Who They Are…

NoveList is another resource offered by EBSCO and is geared towards helping readers find books they will love.

What they offer…

They have NoveList Plus which is targeted for all readers and NoveList K-8 Plus which focuses on children in the K-8th grade age group.  They offer read-alikes based on authors, book titles and series.  They also offer book discussion guides and thematic book lists.

How to access it…

EBSCOhost is a pay for service and can be access through your public library or school library.


I focused on the NoveList Plus database to see what it offered for older teens.

The interface offers a wide variety of ways to search.  You can use the recommend reads lists by narrowing down results based on age group and genre and it will return a list of books that fall into the categories you selected.  It also lets you add books to your “Folder” which you can then go to and print, save or email yourself a copy of the list.

There is also a basic search option where you can enter in the name of a book you enjoyed such as The Hunger Games and it will return a list of nine suggested reads.  It also provides a reason of why the book was suggested as a read-alike to see if it would suit the patrons tastes.  I found the quality of the results varied and it depends on what your personal criteria are for how useful the results are.  Some of the suggested books fit the genre such as suggesting Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare as a read-alike for The Girl in the Steel Corset but then there were other suggestions such as Nicola and the Viscount by Meg Cabot which is an Avon True Romance book that was suggested merely because they both take place in 19th century England and contain romance.  I also wish that it provided more than nine suggestions.

Overall the service is easy to use and is helpful if you are trying to find books that fall into a particular genre or new authors to try out.


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