General OneFile Database

Who They Are…

General OneFile is a part of the Gale Group and was formerly known as InfoTrac.  They provide full-text access to millions of articles on a wide range of topics such as computers, current events, literature and more.

What they offer…

General OneFile contains over a million articles published between 1980 and 2012.  Users can do a basic keyword search to find articles and can limit them to documents with full text, peer-reviewed publications or even articles with images.

They also offer the ability to do a subject guide search or publication search.  The advanced search offers many different options.  In addition to the options offered in the basic search there are a host of other options regarding document type.  You can exclude advertisements, appendix, cartoons, etc.

How to access it…

General OneFile is a pay for service and can be access through your public library or school library.


The search interface of General OneFile is relatively straight forward and similar to most of the article research databases. Even the basic search then offers options to drill down to narrower results.  The wide range of topics covered makes this a nice research resource for high school students.


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