Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

Directed by: Bill Condon
Release: 2011
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Rating: PG-13

Plot Summary: Based off of Stephenie Meyer’s series Twilight this movie covers the first half of book 4, Breaking Dawn.  Bella Swan and Edward Cullen have finally decided that they must be together and are preparing for their marriage.  During the honeymoon Bella gets the surprise of her life when she realizes she is pregnant.  Together with the help of their family and the werewolf and good friend of Bella’s, Jacob, they must figure out how to protect Bella even if it is from her own baby.

Critical Evaluation

Unfortunately for Twilight fans this movie just does not do justice to the books.  It almost never fails movies based off of books do not quite live up to expectations but this movie unfortunately takes disappointment to an entirely new level.  Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Bella is wooden and unemotional and it may sound silly but one thing I had a hard time getting past was the make up job on the Cullens.  Is it not possible to get the vampire look without making the actors look like they were dunked in a pool of baby powder?

There were other little things that were missed such as one of the big things in Twilight is Meyer’s explanation for why vampires do not like sunlight isn’t because it burns them but that it makes them sparkle incandescent.  Yet on their honeymoon Bella and Edward are on the beach, out hiking, playing chess-all out in the wide open sunlight but not once does Edward sparkle.

It’s not until the very end that things start to pick up and then the movie breaks and viewers need to wait until Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits the theaters.

Honestly folks, do not think watching the movie substitutes for reading the actual series.  Stick with the books.

Why did I include this movie

Twilight has been a huge craze among teenage girls and if often mentioned as ushering in the resurgence in teens love for reading.  So I was curious to see how the movie would stack up compared to the book.


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