Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Maas, Sarah J.  Throne of Glass. Bloomsbury USA Children’s.  2012. ISBN 1599906953 (Note: I read an advanced review copy)

Reader’s Annotation: The famous assassin Celaena Sardothien has spent the last year slaving in the salt mines of Endovier but now has the chance to win her freedom. In order to do so she must win a competition against a host of thieves, assassins and warriors from across the kingdom.

Plot Summary: After surviving the salt mines of Endovier for a much longer time than most other slaves Celaena is offered a chance for freedom by the Crown Prince. If she can win a competition against a host of other opponents to become the King’s champion and serves for four years she will be set free.  As she trains with captain of the guard, Chaol, some of her opponents start turning up dead in the most gruesome manners possible.  Can she survive long enough to win her freedom?

Critical Evaluation

Maas creates the most intriguing cast of characters and story in this story that is a blend of mystery, fantasy and intrigues.  Celaena’s character has so many facets to it despite being just 18 years old.  She is understandably cocky since she is the most famous assassins in her kingdom but she is also remarkably trusting, caring and loyal for someone in such a cold-blooded profession.  Her relationships with both the Crown Prince and the captain of the guard are amusing and fascinating to watch.  Both men are obviously developing softer feelings towards Celaena that neither expected but unlike in most series the path the three will take is not obvious.

For those who enjoy fantasy stories the Fae have left this realm after the King has banned the use of magic but there are signs that they may be entering the world again.  Unfortunately they are not the only ones.  Some of the darker creatures are also making their way into Celaena’s world and she must find a way to stop them.  The culprit of opening the portal to allow these dark creatures in is pretty obvious but the writing and wonderful cast of characters will keep readers enthralled.

I would suggest this book for reader’s who enjoyed books like Maria V. Snyder’s Study series.

About the author

Sarah J. Maas currently resides in Southern California.  Throne of Glass is her debut YA epic fantasy novel and is due out August 7, 2012.



Curriculum Ties


Book talking idea

Talk about the sense of morals each character has. Caleana as an assassin, Chaol as a guard, Duke Perrington as a noble.

Reading level

Ages 12 and up.

Challenge Issues


Why did I include this book?

Interest in young adult fantasy novels definitely appear to be picking up and the synopsis of the book reminded me of Maria V. Snyder’s Study series which has gotten rave reviews.


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