SSX. EA Sports. Release: 2012. Rated: E.

Summary and Evaluation

The theme in this game is “Go big or go home” and that’s the feeling you get when playing this game.  It’s great for both sports fans and non-sports fans alike.  You can choose from a series of characters as well as tracks.  You travel from Alaska to Siberia, the Alps and six other locations.  As a player you need to complete tricks to fill your trick meter and maximize your boost.  Fans of the earlier versions will enjoy this new release with it’s addicting music, some new characters and exhilarating vistas.  I personally am not a sports fan and do not enjoy other sports video games but SSX is the exception to that rule and is one of my favorite games.

Why I Included This Game

This is a great game that will appeal to a wide audience of both boys and girls.  It has some amazing graphics and the content is clean and appropriate for all ages.

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